9. Wilcannia to Menindee (310kms)

Day #32: Warrawong Station (2km upstream of Wilcannia) to 26km Downstream of Wilcannia
Day #33: 26km – 62km Downstream of Wilcannia
Day #34: 62km – 99km Downstream of Wilcannia
Day #35: 99km – 136km Downstream of Wilcannia
Day #36: 136km – 169km Downstream of Wilcannia
Day #36 : 169km – Nelia Gaari Station 199km Downstream of Wilcannia
Day #37 : Nelia Gaari Station
Day #38 : 199km – 241km Downstream of Wilcannia
Day #38 : 241km – 275km Downstream of Wilcannia
Day #40 : 275km Downstream of Wilcannia – Menindee Township



Pelicans and cormorants hunting bony bream. The closer to the Menindee Lakes, the bigger the flocks became


Large flocks of pelicans seen approaching the Menindee Lakes


7th hole, Nelia Gaari Station Golf Course


Tip for hunters: usually flighty swine did not recognise the kayaks as a threat until well within range


Typical campsite below Tilpa


Legal cod (about 65cm) caught at dusk on 37th day


Campsite on the shore of Lake Wetherell 274km downstream of Wilcannia


The river opens up into lake Wetherell


Stage 1 Menindee lakes sunset


Stage 2 Menindee lakes sunset


Entering Lake Wetherell proper. The dead trees mark the course of the river


Looking towards Lake Tandure which branches north from Lake Wetherell


The regulator separating Lakes Wetherell and Menindee. Keep paddling left to find the main channel


A tree full of normally shy and solitary bitterns


The main regulator for the Menindee Lakes. The Darling continues below


Downstream after portage of the main regulator


TrK.D arrives at Lake Wetherell regulator


Darling River downstream of the Menindee lakes


Under-cut redgum 12kms upstream of Menindee township


The home stretch into Menindee township. Exit at the boat ramp just before the bridge, on the right

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